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Developing Guidewire Transformation Strategies


Guidewire Business Architecture Services

We are a group of Certfied GW Trainers and professional and provide value consulting and business analysis/architecture services (PC, CC, BC, Digital, DataHub and Infocenter)

Guidewire Cloud Migration Services

We have  a group of highly specialized and  experienced GW consultants who provide Technical Upgrade Consulting, Cloud Migration Consulting and Implementation services across GW Cloud versions

SAFe Training and Consulting

We have a team of SAFe certfied trainers and consultants who provide training and consulting services in Scaled Agile Framework Methodology


Krishcon Consulting Services is an organization promoted by passionate GW enthusiats and agility strategists who are specialized in  Guidewire expertise, Value Consulting and principles, patterns and practices for instituting and amplifying organizational enterprise agility. The company is a team of ambitious individuals who, on the backdrop of their strong consulting experience, are driven by their vision to harness its client’s ability to convert disruption into competitive advantage and thrive in complex and chaotic environments.

The Organization has been setup with an underlying theme of treating its client’s business as their own business and contribute as a trusted partner. Krishcon Consulting offers :

  • Guidewire Business Analysis and Consulting Services

  • Guidewire Training across all products

  • Guidewire Cloud Migration consulting services and implementation

  • Organization Structure and Design

  • SAFe Methodology Strategy and Transformation

  • Insurance Digital Strategy and Transformation

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